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Mangrove distribution, vulnerability and management in Belize

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This document summarises the findings of a national survey of the mangroves of Belize, Central America. The fieldwork component of this project was carried out in 1991 by members of the Institute of Geography and the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Local support and advice was provided by the Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, Belize.

A red mangrove growing at the edge of Shipstern Lagoon

It combines socio-economic and environmental data. Information from interviews conducted with local developers, officials and residents adds to the ecological data obtained from transect studies of the vegetation and soils.

This project was supported by ODA-OFI Forestry Research Programme, Contract No. R4736.

Full accounts of the research are given in two published reports.


Professor Peter Furley
Dr David Munro
Dr Simon Zisman
Dr Malcolm Murray

The University of Edinburgh
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