School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Related organisations

The Department has worked with many institutions from both Belize and the UK:

Belizean Organisations

The Government of Belize
University College Belize
Belize Audubon Society
Programme for Belize
The Belize Zoo
The Belize Center for Environmental Studies

UK-based Organisations

The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
The Natural History Museum
Coral Cay Conservation
The World Land Trust


The Smithsonian Institute

Other Belize websites

The following sites offer useful information about Belize:

BelizeNet - a magazine style reference site, it hopes to be the Web's "Portal to Belize". The calendar pages offer a basic listing of annual events. It has regular weather coverage, including links to current meteorological satellite images.
Belize Central - a similar service, this offers Dahoo! - a Belizean search engine and some pages of simple maps.
Local news and current affairs are provided by media sites such as Channel 5 News and Love FM.
Travel, tourism and some historical background is offered by Belize Online.
The Natural History Museum maintains a page of Belize links, including one to the excellent Belize Biodiversity Information System. This is a database of Belizean fauna, developed with funding from the Wildlife Conservation Society, aided by the Land Information Center and Ministry of Natural Resources.
The US Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, produce a Belize Country Study. Similarly, Belize pages are given in the CIA Factbook. The US Department of State offers travel advice through its Belize Consular Information pages.
More travel advice is available from sites such as Travel Health Online, the World Travel Guide and web-versions of rucsac veterans such as Lonely Planet, Green Arrow Guide and the Rough Guide.

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