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School of GeoSciences

Booth's River Wetland & Savanna Survey, 1996

Introduction to the Project

Carried out between July and September 1996, the Booth's River Survey combined the skills of soil scientists, botanists, hydrologists, remote sensors and land managers in an integrated ecological survey of the wetland and wet savanna areas of the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, Belize, Central America.

Information from the survey is currently being used by the land owners (Programme for Belize) to inform future fire-management, conservation and development plans.

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It is a collaborative project between The University of Edinburgh, The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and Programme for Belize (a registered charity). University College Belize are the host research institution. It builds upon the University of Edinburgh's 30-years of collaborative research with Belizean organisations and on the strong neo-tropical ecology research links between the Institute of Geography and the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

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