School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Geographical Research in Belize

Belize lies on the Atlantic coast of Central America, sharing borders with both Mexico and Guatemala. Once known as British Honduras, it has been fully independent since 1981.

Staff and students from the Institute of Geography have been involved in research projects working with the people of Belize since the early 1960s. These vary in scale from national surveys, collaborating with government and international NGO staff, to individual research projects lasting only a few weeks. The focus of past projects spans social, economic and environmental issues, matching the research interests of the staff involved. Details of these projects can be found on the research pages. The links page contains pointers to information sources about Belize and the institutions with which we have worked.

Research activities in Belize

Britain-Belize Association

The association aims to promote a better understanding of all aspects of Belizean life, including its history, environment, political economy and people.  It hosts an annual meeting in the UK every September.  Further details are available here.


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