University of Edinburgh (UOE)

In addition to leading the project, UOE provides the technical expertise in Earth observation and GIS. They have been actively involved in research upon the Belizian savanna ecosystem for a number years, with a series of innovative projects by PhD and MSc students analysing remotely sensed data sets for ecosystem inventory and monitoring.

Dr Neil Stuart

Lecturer in GIS

Dr Iain Cameron

Research assistant

Duncan Moss

Honorary fellow

Professor Peter Furley

Professor Emeritus

Dimitrios Michelakis


Go Sato

Web Developer

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)

RBGE has one of the most extensive reference collections of savanna specimens, been collected from more than 10 years of running field courses in Belize for international students of plant taxonomy and biodiversity. The detailed knowledge of the savanna ecosystem in Belize gained by RBGE's tropical botanists and the experience of its herbarium curators will be used in this project to undertake a programme of plant collecting, identification and curation based on stratified sampling of the Belizean savannas and the analysis of this data to produce a variety of outputs, including the first national checklist of Belizean savanna species.

Dr Sam Bridgewater

Tropical botanist

Zoe Goodwin

Tropical botanist

Dr Dave Harris

Head curator

Dr Elspeth Haston

Assistant curator

University of Belize (UB)

Staff from UB have been involved since the first scoping meeting and have contributed actively in formulating this project. As the national university and institution that wrote Belize's national capacity self-assessment in 2005, UB has the expertise to advise us on the knowledge transfer activities required to increase local capacity in taxonomy and vegetation survey. UB will co-ordinate the in-country training activities, making their existing facilities such as laboratories and seminar rooms available to the project.

Dr Elma Kay


German Lopez

Darwin Botanist

Belize Botanic Gardens (BBG)

BBG staff will create an interpreted lowland savanna trail within the Botanic Garden grounds, and will receive the outputs from the research component of this project and communicate these outputs to the public.

Heather DuPlooy

Environmental Educator

Rudy Aguilar

Garden Director

Belize Tropical Forest Studies (BTFS)

Belize Tropical Forest Studies hosts and maintains the Biodiversity & Environmental Resource Data System of Belize (BERDS), a community-driven biodiversity and environmental data warehouse and research tool set. Belize Tropical Forest Studies' role will be to incorporate the lowland savanna mapping into the ecosystem map of Belize.

Jan Meerman

Director Belize Tropical Forest Studies

Programme for Belize (PfB)

PfB manage the largest protected lowland savanna area in Belize and the only such protected area to have a management plan. PfB's role will be to act as a model for land managers in other parts of Belize wishing to recognise and assess the ecological and economic value of savanna lands under their care,and to plan for the sustainable management, conservation and/or protection of these areas.

Edilberto Romero

Director PfB

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