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Savanna Science Meeting

13 April 2011

A meeting for research scientists and land managers to focus on lowland savanna conservation planning and prioritisation in Belize.

Venue: The Tropical Education Centre, Belize Zoo

This meeting will bring together key experts on savanna biodiversity in Belize, with the objectives to:

  1. Synthesise existing information about savanna biodiversity from researchers in different disciplines
  2. Disseminate interim results from the Darwin Savanna Ecosystems Assessment:Belize project
  3. Identify strategic priority areas for savanna conservation throughout Belize

Meeting presentations:

    Session 1 - The Darwin Project

  • Conservation of the lowland savannas of Belize - Darwin Project 17-022, Dr. Neil Stuart PDF
  • The savanna ecosystems map of Belize: 2010, Duncan Moss PDF
  • Plants of the savanna, Zoe Goodwin PDF
  • Soil: Vegetation relationships in the Belizean savannas, Professor Peter Furley PDF
  • Session 2 - Savanna biodiversity data

  • BERDS, Jan Meerman ZIP
  • Savanna areas landuse, Jan Meerman PDF
  • Session 3 - Open discussion

  • A report stating the key points of the open discussion is being generated by the meeting co-ordinator. For any contribution to this report please contact Jan Meerman

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