School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Edinburgh Earth Observatory Research Group (EEO)

Staff, students, their interests and ongoing projects
Below is a list of staff and postgraduate students who make up the Edinburgh Earth Observatory research group in the School of GeoSciences, their interests and some ongoing projects.

Steve Dowers Geographical Information Science; GIS performance analysis; parallel processing; query language development.
Dr. Richard L.H. Essery High-resolution atmospheric modelling, land-atmosphere interactions, micrometeorology, snow hydrology
David C. Finnegan Sports and planning data analysis; environmental modelling.
Bruce M. Gittings Database management, performance and parallel computing issues related to GIS; distributed GIS; location-based services; web-enabled databases; web-based surveys.
Professor John Grace Uptake of carbon dioxide by rain forests and savannas; the impact of vegetation on the atmosphere and climate change; upland microclimates and their impacts upon plants; effects of drought on plants and plant water relations; carbon sequestration by vegetation; long-term effects of environmental change upon forests; elevational limits of trees.
Professor Colin M. Graham Petrological, stable isotopic, and textural studies of fluid-rock interaction and fluid fluxes in the Earth's crust; mechanisms and timescales of fluid flow.
Dr. Alasdair MacArthur -
Christopher J. MacLellan NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility
Owen N. Macdonald Geographical Information Science.
Dr. William A. Mackaness Broadly my research is concerned with the application of statistical and visualisation techniques to geographical problem solving (including the use of exploratory data analysis).
Dr. Robin A. McLaren Geographical Information Science: Policy and Project Management.
Dr. Andrew R. McLeod Global environmental change; environmental sustainability; impacts on stratospheric ozone depletion and ultraviolet radiation on ecosystems; air pollution effects; climate change impacts; interdisciplinary research in environmental change and sustainability
Dr. Mike J. Mineter Support collaborative modelling across Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (SAGES) partners.
Dr. Edward Mitchard -
Professor John B. Moncrieff Land-atmosphere exchange of radiatively active gases (CO2 and CH4); transport and diffusion in the Planetary Boundary Layer.
Professor Stuart K. Monro Earth Science and Society; Public understanding of Science.
Dr. Anthony J. Newton Anthony's research is centred around development and application of tephrochronology and online resources.
Dr. Caroline Nichol -
Professor Peter W. Nienow My research investigates glacial processes and in particular, glacier hydrology, ice dynamics and their links under a variety of climate change forcing scenarios.
Professor Paul Palmer Modelling atmospheric chemistry, measuring and modelling biogenic voc fluxes, inverse modelling, and satellite remote sensing.
Christopher J. Place Integration of GIS and remote sensing for environmental and pollution modelling.
Dr. Hugh C. Pumphrey Microwave limb sounding; developing techniques for the UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) and the EOS AURA satellite.
Dr. Niamh K. Shortt Spatial inequalities in health, neighbourhood determinants of health and environmental influences on health
Professor Keith Smith Exchange of green house gases between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere: in particular, the measurement and modelling of emissions of nitrous oxide from agricultural and forest soils, the emission of methane from rice fields and wetlands, and the microbial uptake of methane by soils.
Professor David Stevenson Atmospheric chemistry modelling; Interaction between air pollution and climate change.
Dr. Neil Stuart Geographical Information Science; hydrology.
Thomas J. Wade -
Dr. Rachel C. Walcott Topics include: structural geology (particularly processes controlling the fabric of metamorphic rocks); surface processes (terrestrial and martian); tectonics and sedimentation; how tectonic and climatic forcing affects drainage basin evolution and biogeography.
Professor Kathryn A. Whaler Geomagnetism; dynamics and thermal history of the Earth's core; geophysical inverse theory; electromagnetic induction.
Professor Mathew Williams Vegetation-atmosphere gas exchange; interactions of carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles; primary productivity and plant allocation; ecosystem models and scaling; climate controls on vegetation distribution; data assimilation.
Professor Wyn Williams Rock magnetism and Palaeomagnetism: Theoretical and experimental studies of magnetic remanence in single grains and bulk samples.
Professor Iain H. Woodhouse Radar Remote Sensing; Polar Decomposition Methods for Visualising SAR Data; Novel Visualisation Techniques for the Analysis of Multichannel Remote Sensing Data; DEM Generation and Regional Scale Geomorphology; Synergistic Remote Sensing of Vegetation; Macroecology and Telemacroscopics.

Postgraduate Students

Shafrina Wan Mohd Jaafar (PhD)