School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Professor Peter Nienow

Current Research Students

Charlotte Bunce Research Student (Full-Time)
Alexis Moyer Research Student (Full-Time)
Paul Tepes Research Student (Full-Time)
Joshua Williams Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students at the School of GeoSciences

Andrew Tedstone Hydrological controls on diurnal ice flow variability in a Greenland outlet glacier (PhD, 2015)
Andrew Finlayson Geomorphology and dynamics of the British-Irish Ice Sheet in western Scotland (PhD, 2014)
Tom Cowton The hydrology of a land-terminating Greenlandic outlet glacier (PhD, 2013)
Alexander John Ingle Investigating melt and runoff from a Greenland outlet glacier (MRes, 2013)
Ian Bartholomew Hydrology and dynamics of a land-terminating Greenland outlet glacier (PhD, 2012)
Kate Briggs Satellite investigations of the impact of superglacial lake drainage on ice dynamics at the margins of the Greenland ice sheet (PhD, 2012)
Malcolm McMillan Satellite investigations of ice-ocean interactions in the Amundsen Sea sector of West Antarctica (PhD, 2012)
Eero Rinne Satellite Altimeter Remote Sensing of Ice Caps (PhD, 2011)

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