School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Professor David Stevenson

Current Research Students

Jize Jiang Research Student (Full-Time)
Claudia Steadman Research Student (Full-Time)
Jayoung Yun Research Student (Full-Time)
Yong Zhao Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students at the School of GeoSciences

Christopher Nankervis Co-located Analysis of Ice Clouds Detected from Space and their Impact on Longwave Energy Transfer (PhD, 2013)
Richard Frank Pearce Global-scale modelling of atmosphere-biosphere exchange and interactions between air quality and climate change (PhD, 2012)
Ana Lucia Viegas de Barros Relationships between Wildfires and Climate Variability in Diverse Land Systems (PhD, 2011)
Diletta Cordeschi MSc by Research in Geosciences (individual project) WRF Meteorology for use in UK-scale high resolution air quality modelling (MRes, 2010)
Anna Pederzoli Application of an eurelian atmospheric pollution model (CMAQ) at fine scale resolution over the UK (PhD, 2009)

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