School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Professor Mathew Williams

Current Research Students

Sandra Angers-Blondin Research Student (Full-Time)
Evan Cornforth Research Student (Full-Time)
Sophie Flack-Prain Research Student (Full-Time)
Efren Lopez Blanco Research Student (Full-Time)
Chukwuebuka Nwobi Research Student (Full-Time)
Haydn Thomas Research Student (Full-Time)
Felix Trotter Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students at the School of GeoSciences

Darren Slevin Global climate, water and carbon: predicting the future of atmospheric C02 (PhD, 2016)
Iain McNicol Deforestation, forest degradation and the carbon cycle of African miombo woodlands (PhD, 2015)
Emily Taylor Peatland responses to fire: the consequences to vegetation and greenhouse gas balance (PhD, 2015)
Luke Smallman Atmospheric profiles of CO2 as integrators of regional scale exchange (PhD, 2014)
Isabel Chinchilla Soto Linkages between leaf traits and productivity in two resource-limited ecosystems (PhD, 2013)
Theresa Meacham Improving the understanding of temperate forest carbon dynamics (PhD, 2013)
Andrew Revill Global Change and Earth System Science (MRes, 2013)
Lucy Rowland Reducing uncertainty in predictions of the response of Amazonian forests to climage change (PhD, 2013)
Emily Woollen Carbon dynamics in African miombo woodlands (PhD, 2013)
Jennifer Wright Carbon Dynamics of Longleaf Pine Ecosystems (PhD, 2013)
Oliver Sus Simulating the carbon cycling of croplands - model developments, diagnosis, and regional application through data assimilation (PhD, 2012)
Rui Zhang Modelling carbon dioxide and water vapour over Eurpean forests (PhD, 2008)
Clare Britton Modelling the recovery of the atmosphere from fossil fuel perturbation and quantifying its associated uncertainty (PhD, 2007)
Rosemary Fisher The response of Amazonian rain forest gas exchange to reduced rainfall (PhD, 2005)

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