School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Professor Kathryn Whaler

Current Research Students

Orsolya Baillie Research Student (Part-Time)
Relly Margiono Research Student (Full-Time)
Ashley Smith Research Student (Full-Time)
Samuel Thompson Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students at the School of GeoSciences

Nicholas Johnson Magnetotelluric studies of the crust and upper mantle in a zone of active continental breakup, Afar, Ethiopia (PhD, 2013)
Nathaniel James Lindsey Magnetotellurics (MT) for geothermal exploration and assessment (MRes, 2013)
Robert Shore An improved description of Earth's external magnetic fields and their source regions using satellite data (PhD, 2013)
Louise Barron The effect of exchange and magnetostatic interactions on grain boundaries (PhD, 2011)
Ruth Carley Magnetisation of the lunar crust (PhD, 2011)
Tulu Besha Bedada An Absolute Geopotential Height System for Ethiopia (PhD, 2010)
Mohammednur Desissa MSc by Research in GeoSciences [Geophysics] (MSc by Research, 2010)
Dr. Ciaran Beggan Secular variation prediction of the Earth's magnetic field using core surface flows (PhD, 2009)

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