School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Professor Iain Woodhouse

Current Research Students

Previous Research Students at the School of GeoSciences

Fiona Muirhead Radar Signal Processing for Wide Area Change Detection (PhD, 2017)
Dimitrios Michelakis Assessing the conservation value of woodland within the savannas of Belize (PhD, 2015)
Rachel Cohen Estimating the above-ground biomass of mangrove forests in Kenya (PhD, 2014)
Gemma Cassells Can remote sensing be used effectively to support sustainable forestry in Malawi? (PhD, 2013)
Silvia Flaherty Red squirrel habitat mapping using remote sensing (PhD, 2013)
Alasdair MacArthur Field spectroscopy and spectral reflectance modelling of Calluna vulgaris (PhD (P/T)., 2012)
Dr. Edward Mitchard Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Quantify Woody Cover & Biomass across Africa (PhD, 2012)
Chue Poh Tan Comparing Synthetic Aperture Radar and LiDAR For Above ground Biomass Estimation in Glen Affric, Scotland (PhD, 2012)
Matthew Brolly Radar backscatter modelling of forests using a macroecological approach (PhD, 2011)
Antonio Delussu The Application in Remote Sensing of a Multispectral Canopy Lidar (MRes, 2011)
Rachel Gaulton Remote sensing for continuous cover forestry: quantifying spatial structure and canopy gap distribution (PhD, 2009)
Karin Viergever Establishing the sensitivity of radar parameters to woody biomass in savannas (PhD, 2008)

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