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School of GeoSciences



This project is funded by research grant F/158/BQ
awarded to the University of Edinburgh by the Leverhulme Trust.

Miss Ann Breen is in receipt of a NERC research scholarship.


We are grateful to acknowledge the support of the following bodies and individuals:

This work is being carried out with the support of the F orest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, Belize. The work has been carried out under Forest Department scientific research permits CD/60/3/99 (11) and CD/60/3/00 (09).

Mr Chris Minty, Station Manager at the joint Forest Department/Natural History Museum Las Cuevas Research Station provided numerous logistical support throughout this project.

Dr Vincent Palacio and other Programme for Belize staff from both the La Milpa and Hillbank field sta tions provided a base in the field and shared their local knowledge.

Sr Jose and Orlando Grajalez of Orange Walk, provided access to Honey Camp, transported our raft and supported the work in the field.

Mr Tony Flynn of Regent Insurance, provided a bond which allowed us to temporarily import our coring equipment into Belize.

Mr John Armstrong, Plant Manager at the Ladyville Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, who lent us the four plastic barrels used to build o ur raft.

Staff at the Belize Archives, the Archaeology Department, the Lands and Surveys Department and the Petroleum and Geology Department granted us access to their libraries and collections of aerial photographs and well-logs. Mr Liston Mccord from the Fisheries Department lent us an anchor.

Delia Tillet and Paul of the WRiScs project provided water sample and core storage facilities in Belize. Staff at the nearby Raleigh International base provided help whe n our Landrover went down.

John and Dave at The SeaSide Guesthouse tolerated a range of strange behaviour from the team that no self-respecting guest should exhibit (from sawing up plastic pipes at dusk to covering their entire balcony with sediment samples).

Monique and Mark Howells and the other staff at Lamanai Outpost Lodge allowed us to use their library, provided boat support and details of past research in the Lamanai area.

Dr Henry Lamb of Universi ty of Wales, Aberystwyth, lent us a Livingstone corer.

Continental Airlines provided assistance with transporting equipment to and from Belize.

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