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School of GeoSciences

Project Staff

Phase 1: Preparatory stages (UK-based)

A pre-expedition management committee was established to oversee the preparation and planning stages of the project.

Pre-expedition Management Committee Structure:

Chris Minty: Project Manager
responsible for overall project planning and co-ordination.

Dr Malcolm Murray: Information Manager
responsible for developing a library of relevant literature relating to all aspects of the project (including scientific references, country data, health and safety and travel information) and promoting the project through the WWW.

Dr Simon Zisman: Belize Liaison Manager
responsible for liaising with all individuals and organisations in Belize, before, during and after the field expedition.

Kate Seal: Publicity Manager
responsible for publicising the expedition and any events associated with it to other team members, interested parties and to local and national press.

Emma Clarke & Anna Lake: Fund Managers
responsible for raising expedition funds through trust grants and corporate donations of funds and equipment.

Sarah Selby, Clare Noonan & Mike Bennett: Event Managers
responsible for organising sponsored fund raising activities, social gatherings and events.

Andy Rudge:Equipment Manager
responsible for ensuring that all equipment needs are met before the expedition begins and equipment maintenance during phase 1.

Fieldwork leadership:

During the fieldwork period, the leadership of the Booth's River Survey project was divided into three: the Scientific Leaders, the Field Leader and the four Field Co-ordinators, one for each of the research teams. The research teams examined the vegetation, the hydrology, the soils and management issues relating to the study area.

Scientific Leaders
Dr James Ratter Prof Peter Furley
Field Leaders
Chris Minty (July & August)
Dr Malcolm Murray (September)
Research Teams
Vegetation Team Hydrology Team Soils Team Management Team
Sam Bridgewater Dr Neil Stuart Dr Malcolm Murray Catriona Prebble
Alicia Ibanez Claire Noonan Emma Clarke Mike Bennett
Birgit Gemeinholzer Sarah Selby Anna Lake Kate Seal
Diana Rhoderick Milne Tristran Marini
Jo Lenthall Andy Rudge
Expedition Photographer
Javier Corripio

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