School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Initial estimates of the project budget reveal a total cost of 22,020 for a project based on 15 UK-based personnel, with a per capita cost of 1,468, including 4,800 pre-paid by the Department of Geography.

Group support and sponsorship

We are very grateful to acknowledge the financial support from the following companies and organisations:

Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Graham Tiso

Belize Sugar Industries Limited

Tate & Lyle
(RGS Tate & Lyle Award Fund)

(RGS Augustine Courtauld Award Fund)

Carnegie Logo
The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

The University of Edinburgh Development Trust

2111 Foundation
211 Foundation for Exploration

(World Land Trust)

Simmers Bakery

St George Logo
The Royal Society of St. George

Sponsors of individuals within the project

The following organisations and charitable trusts supported one or more members of the expedition:

The Albert Reckitt Charitable Trust

James Rennie Bequest

RGS Monica Cole Award
Awarded to Sarah Selby

Logistical support in Belize

We are very grateful to the following bodies who provided advise and supported the expedition's activity through loans of equipment, office space, etc. during our time in Belize:

Coral Cay Conservation

British Army Training Support Unit Belize

Raleigh International

The British High Commission